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16 Dec 2006

Morgan Stanley Gives Record Bonuses

Controversial "Mack the Knife" CEO, John Mack was recently cleared by the SEC after investigations into accusations of hedge fund insider trading. Now he has received a record bonus of $40 million as chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley.

Mack, son of Lebanese immigrants, was given $36.2 million in stock, and about $4 million in options to buy Morgan Stanley shares, the company said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm also granted more than $57 million in bonuses for seven other top executives.

The bonus is 44% more than Morgan Stanley gave him last year, the previous record was the $38.3 million bonus Henry Paulson received in 2005 as CEO of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Shares of Morgan Stanley, the second-biggest U.S. securities firm by market value, are having their best year since 2003 after Mack put the firm on course for record earnings.

Mack, who's also Morgan Stanley's chairman, received the 2006 bonus in stock and options, according to the filing. Last year, Mack declined the $28 million bonus he was offered because he had worked at Morgan Stanley for only five months. He accepted a pro-rata payout of $11.5 million in stock and also received a $337,534 salary.

Since Mack joined, Morgan Stanley has fired more than 1,000 under performing brokers, made acquisitions to bolster the firms energy, fixed-income and hedge fund businesses and created new incentives to keep top-producing employees. Morgan Stanley has surpassed analysts' profit estimates by at least 20% for the past four quarters.

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