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16 Jan 2007

Alternative Investment Survey Shows Hedge Funds Will Continue to Grow

Deutsche Bank announced the results of its Fifth Annual Alternative Investment Survey, which was conducted during the second half of 2006. Over 1000 representatives from almost 700 institutions responded to the $1.4 trillion industry survey.

"Despite a series of setbacks and scares in 2006, survey respondents feel the hedge fund industry will continue to grow modestly in 2007," said John Dyment, Global Head of the Hedge Fund Capital Group at Deutsche Bank. "Investors indicated that they are keeping the market and industry events of 2006 in perspective and using risk management as key factor in selecting hedge fund managers."

According to investors, hedge funds that invest in China are going to see a huge jump in assets; Deutsche Bank predicts inflows of more than 38% of current investment levels to these funds. Emerging Asia is predicted to be the top performing region for the second year in a row. Pensions, government organizations, endowments and foundations are particularly interested in this region, with more than half of these respondents indicating that they will increase their exposure to the region.

The survey included banks, hedge funds, corporations, insurance companies, consultants, family offices, high net worth individuals, wealth management companies, funds of funds, pensions, government organizations, endowments and foundations.

Deutsche Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the world with approximately Euro 972 billion in assets and 63,751 employees in 74 countries worldwide.

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