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3 Jan 2007

Hedge Fund Provider Announces Stong Growth With New Wall Street Technology

Hedge fund provider LiquidPoint LLC, announced that it has far exceeded 2006 performance projections, ncluding huge increases in both options transaction volume and number of end-users.

Anthony Saliba, CEO of LiquidPoint stated, “LiquidPoint’s monthly contract volume in December was up over 100% compared to the same time frame last year. Our 2006 volume was 78% greater than last year. With the onset of penny markets, we have every reason to expect this trend to continue in 2007.”

LiquidPoint’s technology affiliate, First Traders Analytical Solutions (FTAS), delivered several high-impact enhancements in 2006. Among the new features delivered, the focus was on specific work flow efficiencies for Wall Street firms. Daniel Rooney, LiquidPoint’s Director of Sales, said,” Our user community increased in 2006 as we substantially increased our presence on the trading floor at key Wall Street firms.”

First Traders provides software products and services for the electronic options trading marketplace to Wall Street firms, executing brokerage firms, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, the retail trading community and the U.S. options exchanges.

LiquidPoint’s client base includes hedge funds, institutions, prime brokers and their customers and other professional options traders. The HEAT™ System is also available through select prime brokers.

“These recent enhancements are satisfying a strong demand within this expanding industry, contributing to our firm’s growth. As the exchanges race to differentiate themselves. LiquidPoint and FTAS are working to ensure their customers have all they need to take advantage of industry changes and new opportunities.” Mr. Rooney said in a statement.

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