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19 Jan 2007

Hedge Fund RCB Indexes Up

RBC Capital Markets reported that for the month of December 2006 the RBC Hedge 250 Index had a net return of 1.41%. Bringing the year-to-date return of the Index to 10.64%. These returns are estimated and will be finalized by the middle of next month. The return for November 2006 has been finalized at 1.60%.

The RBC Hedge 250 Index is an investable benchmark of the performance of the hedge fund industry. The Index operates in accordance with a unique construction methodology. Comprised of more than 250 actual hedge funds, the RBC Hedge 250 Index is positioned as the industry's most diversified and representative investable index. The Universe on which the Index is based currently consists of 5,635 hedge funds (excludes funds of hedge funds) with aggregate assets under management of $1.159 trillion.

Since its inception on July 1, 2005 through the end of November 2006, the RBC Hedge 250 Index has had an annualized net return of 10.76%. In comparison, over the same period, other investable indices have averaged 7.43% while non-investable indices have averaged 12.63%, according to information reported by the sponsors of RCB.

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