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24 Jan 2007

Hedge Fund Officials

A new trend is being seen in Washington is of some former high-ranking officials that have been reported to be testing the hedge fund waters. Former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Richard Breeden, is now a hedge-fund manager, complete with $500 million under management, a Cayman Islands registry, and an office in hedge-fund capital Greenwich, Conn. According to an article in the New York Times, he "has no investing experience." but, "Mr. Breeden is now perhaps the most senior former government official ever to run a hedge fund."

Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, also of no investing experience, launched the emerging-markets hedge fund Albright Capital Management, with $329 million in seed money from a Dutch pension.

In October, mammoth hedge fund/private-equity firm DE Shaw appointed Clinton Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers as a part-time managing director, and Cerebus Capital, another mammoth hedge-fund/private-equity firm, named departing Bush Treasury Secretary John Snow as chairman. As more big institutional investors such as pension funds allocate capital to hedge funds, we should expect more such career switches.

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