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29 Jan 2007

Man Investments Announces Fund Launch

Hedge fund Man Investments announced the launch of a new fund in the Man MGS Access Series 2 Ltd.

The fund will be offered in two bond classes, both targeting a moderate level of 8-10% annualised volatility. The USD bonds will aim for annualised returns of 13-16% and EUR bonds will target annualised returns of 11-14%.1 Investors will also benefit from a capital guarantee from Citibank, N.A., London Branch2, and a profit lock-in feature3.

Only managers that are highly-rated by Man Global Strategies (‘MGS’), a core investment manager of Man Investments, will be considered for inclusion in the portfolio, comprised of about 15 hedge funds. MGS has negotiated favourable terms with these managers, several of which are closed to new investors. These terms include increased levels of reporting, the flexibility to adjust the amount of money invested with the manager.

“The quality of the managers in the Access portfolio and the high level of transparency that we have into their daily operations gives us the confidence to offer such a concentrated and dynamic portfolio,” said Antoine Massad, Chief Executive of Man Investments Middle East. “This has allowed the structuring experts at MGS to develop a product that offers the potential for strong capital growth and diversification with the security of a capital guarantee.”

Man MGS Access Series 2 Ltd will be open for investment from 29 January 2007 to 12 March 2007. The minimum subscription being $50,000, with the maturity date being 31 May, 2019.

Man also announced a new hedge fund product, Man-IP 220 Plus Series, Series 3 was launched earlier this year, and raised over US$ 430 million, a new record for Man's guaranteed products. Series 4 aims to generate strong profits for hedge funds in falling as well as rising markets, performing independently of stocks and bonds.

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