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3 Jan 2007

Predictions for Hedge Funds in the New Year

"A hedge-fund manager will buy Aston Martin." That's the forecast according to Bloomberg columnist Matthew Lynn. Pretty bold, but you never know, he also says that "farming will become a great way (for hedge funds) to get rich"

"High oil prices are causing a surge of interest in alternative energy, with ethanol leading the way. Making fuel from corn or other grains, however, means digging up a lot of fields....It has been more than a century since farmland was the basis for a financial aristocracy, but every asset comes back into its own if you just wait long enough. JPMorgan Chase & Co. already rates corn among the best investments for 2007.... Expect to hear the hedge-fund manager beside you in the bar boasting about how he has just snapped up 1 million acres in Ukraine."

And about the Aston Martin, he had this to say, "Ford Motor Co. has already put its world-beating luxury-car unit Aston Martin up for sale. The hedge funds are awash with money and have been snapping up all sorts of interesting companies. London-based RAB Capital Plc, for example, just took control of the A1 Grand Prix motor-racing business....London's loaded hedgehogs love to drive around in their shiny new Astons. What better synergies could there be than owning the company that makes them? You can sell it to the investors as a great deal and have fun messing around in the factory at the same time."

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