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9 Jan 2007

RFA Introduces new Hedge Fund Protection Product

Richard Fleischman & Associates (RFA), the leader in IT solutions for the hedge fund community, today announced the general availability of the eHarbor file and e-mail data backup/restore solution for hedge funds.

"The best way for a hedge fund to protect itself from disaster is to prevent it from happening in the first place. No organization is immune from lost data and the staggering costs in both time and resources involved rebuilding databases and trading history," says Richard Fleischman, president of RFA. "eHarbor is an enterprise-quality storage solution available at an affordable price. This scalable storage solution grows with hedge funds and never becomes out-dated. eHarbor was designed to provide secure, off-site storage with unlimited backup and restore capability which helps clients save money on their IT investment while protecting their most valuable asset - their data."

RFA was stablished in 1990 and headquartered in New York City, Richard Fleischman & Associates currently serves more than 400 hedge funds globally, RFA maintains a world-class data center in Westchester, NY, providing fully equipped office and trading desk space, disaster recovery and business continuity services.

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