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8 Feb 2007

Hedge Fund Makes Over $83 Million Off YouTube Sale

The numbers are in, Google revealed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission just how much the hedge fund investors, founders and early employees of YouTube made when it was bought by Google for $1.65 billion last year.

Artis Capital Management, a San Francisco hedge fund was co-investor with Sequoia Capital, the venture capitalists that took a chance with the tiny YouTube project. Artis and several other hedge funds affiliated with them were listed as having received 176,621 shares, valued at $83 million.

Sequoia Capital invested close to $11.5 million in You Tube, is now listed as owning 941,027 shares, which are valued at more than $442 million. The filing also lists Sequoia Capital XI Principals Fund owning 102,376 shares, valued at more than $48 million, and Sequoia Technology Partners XI with 29,724 shares, valued at nearly $14 million. A total of $504 million.

The company's three founders also made extraordinary amounts, YouTube's chief executive Chad Hurley received shares worth more than $345 million. Another founder, Steven Chen, received shares worth more than $326 million. The third founder of YouTube, Jawed Karim, who left the company early on to pursue a graduate degree in computer science, received more than $64 million in shares. Some of these shares have been deposited in trusts for the young founders.

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