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14 Feb 2007

Investcorp Launches Early Stage Fund for Hedge Fund Investors

Investcorp, the global asset manager specializing in alternative investments with a $5 billion hedge fund program, has announced the launch of the Investcorp Early Stage Fund.

Early stage funds are typically set up by experienced money managers who have recently left other hedge funds or investment banks, or by managers who have existing hedge funds and are launching a new vehicle to focus on different strategies.

The initial portfolio will be composed of approximately 15-20 managers with targeted returns of 12-14% with annualized volatility of 5-7% over the medium term. The fund offers quarterly liquidity with a one-year lock up period.

Deepak Gurnani, Managing Director and co-head of the Investcorp Hedge Funds program said: "The Early Stage Fund is a unique investment opportunity which provides access to promising early stage funds, while minimizing the potential issues investors face in investing with such funds. Investors will have the benefit of immediate diversification, with quarterly liquidity and an anticipated attractive return and volatility relationship over the medium term."

Since 1996, Investcorp has invested with more than 50 hedge funds within the first 12 months of their launch and now manage approximately $1 billion in early stage investments.

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