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30 Mar 2007

Top Ten Global Hedge Fund Firms

1. JPMorgan Asset Management, including Highbridge Capital Management, main offices in N.Y. Assets under management; $34 billion as of Jan '07.

2. Goldman Sachs Asset Management, also in New York, USA. AUM $32.53 billion.

3. Bridgewater Associates, Westport, USA. $30.2 billion.

4. D. E. Shaw Group, N.Y. $26.3 billion.

5. Farallon Capital Management, San Francisco, USA. $26.2 billion.

6. Renaissance Technologies Corp. East Setauket, USA. $24 billion.

7. Och-Ziff Capital Management, N.Y. $21 billion.

8. Cerberus Capital Management, N.Y. $19.15 billion.

9. Barclays Global Investors, San Francisco, USA. $18.9 billion.

10. Man Investments Limited (AHL single-manager strategies only) London, UK. AUM $18.8 billion.

The statistics represent single-manager hedge funds only. Funds of funds, which are tracked by InvestHedge, are not included in the $2 trillion calculations.

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