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2 May 2007

Fauchier Partners Launches Special Situations Fund Of Hedge Funds

Fauchier Partners announced the launch of the Jubilee Special Situations Fund (JSSF), which will provide investors with returns more commonly associated with longer term and less liquid investments. JSSF was launched on 1 April with approximately $50 million committed. It will initially be open for investment until June 2007.

The fund of hedge funds has been designed as a vehicle for investors who are able to commit funds for longer periods of time and has a target return of LIBOR + 8%. The London Interbank Offered Rate Index (LIBOR) is an average of the interest rates that major international banks charge each other to borrow US dollars in the London money market. Like the US treasury the CD indexes, LIBOR tends to move and adjust quite rapidly to changes in interest rates.

Its portfolio consists of hedge funds investing in the debt and equity of private and publicly-listed companies, with a focus on distressed debt, direct lending and structured public and private equity. The balance will be invested in more traditional value-based investments.

Fauchier Partners, founded in 1994, is a specialist London-based firm, which manages a variety of funds of hedge funds and also advises a number of listed closed-end funds of hedge fund vehicles. It has the equivalent of approximately $4.7 billion under management.

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