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18 Dec 2007

Hedge Funds Ahead for November

Hedge fund returns remained in double digits for the year despite a 1.6 percent dip in November, according to the Greenwich Global Hedge Fund Index. Putting hedge funds ahead of a trio of broad stock indexes through the year's first 11 months.

Among the hedge fund strategies tracked by the index, the Specialty Strategies Group led the pack, up 16.5 percent despite a 1.9 percent drop in November triggered by a fall in emerging markets.

Through November, the GGHFI was up 10.5 percent compared with 6.2 percent for the Standard & Poor's 500, 8 percent for MSCI World Equity, and 3.4 percent for the FTSE 100.

The Long-Short Equity Group lost 2.3 percent in November but was up 10.8 percent for the year. The Directional Trading Group, which bets on futures, was up 9.4 percent for the year, while the Market Neutral Group, was up 7.7 percent through November.

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