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12 Dec 2007

Hedge Funds Low in November but High Year To Date

The Greenwich Global Hedge Fund Index is up +10.53% year-to-date despite falling -1.61% in November, and it continues to outpace equities for the month and year.

Ben Rossman, Senior Vice President of Greenwich Alternative Investments noted that, “Hedge fund performance, which was less severe than that felt by the equity markets, highlights their unique ability to limit the downside.”

All four equity indices were down by more than 4% in November: the S&P 500, MSCI World Equity, and FTSE 100 Indices posted -4.18% (+6.23% YTD), -4.24% (+7.97% YTD), and -4.30% (+3.41% YTD), respectively.

The November Index currently includes 1,325 funds. Final November results will be posted in early January, once additional funds have submitted returns.

Greenwich Alternative Investments, LLC (and its affiliates) is among the oldest providers of hedge fund indices, asset management services and research to institutional investors worldwide.

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