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18 Feb 2008

MAM Hedge Fund Launch

Martin Asset Management announced the launch of the MAM Global ETF Fund, LP (a domestic Delaware Limited Partnership).

The MAM Global ETF Fund is set to launch on February 15th, the new hedge fund features monthly liquidity and will exclusively invest in Exchange Traded Funds with a Global Macro strategy.

The California based global wealth management platform also features two ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) strategies and one Alternative Energy Strategy.

Their investment style focuses on the overall markets and the economy rather than individual stocks and bonds. The strategy includes the analysis of economic data such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, money flows and overall market conditions to determine the current phase of the business cycle (expansion, peak, contraction or trough).

Once the business cycle is identified, through active management within separately managed accounts, the hedge fund then rebalances its investment portfolios. Custody can be obtained anywhere in the world with no restrictions on nationality of clients.

Alex Akesson
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