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6 Mar 2008

Client of Hedge Fund Company To Lead Sales Efforts

A client of Cutler Capital Management liked the investment style of the hedge fund company so much, he came out of retirement to join the investment advisory firm as Director of Business Development.

Allan M. Kline recently retired from his position as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Skyworks Solutions, but the opportunity to work with Cutler Capital motivated him to return to work.

Cutler Capital's hedge funds follow a growth and income strategy, investing in convertible securities, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and dividend-paying stocks. Kline has first-hand knowledge of convertible securities, having used them to raise capital successfully while at Skyworks.

"The key to success is to believe in what you're selling," Kline said. "As a long-time client, I believe in Cutler Capital and its investment style, so I welcomed the opportunity to join the company."

"It is a great validation of our investment style to have a financial professional of Allan's caliber join Cutler Capital Management," said President David Grenier. "His addition is both a first-hand endorsement of what we're doing and a tremendous opportunity that we believe will lead to significant growth for us."

Cutler, which has total assets exceeding $245 million, currently manages two hedge funds, the Cutler Investment Fund, LP and the Cutler Income and Growth Fund I, LP, as well as individual portfolios.

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