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18 Nov 2008

Hedge Fund Manager OakRun Launches Short Term Fund

Hedge fund Manager OakRun Capital LLC, has announced the launch of a receivables refactoring fund, the 'Short Term Fund'.

The 'Short Term Fund', a Cayman Islands exempted fund, launched on October 1st and came in at 9.48% annualized in its first month.

The fund's objective is to generate above average current income with a lower overall credit risk profile and maintain a stable NAV.

With JP Morgan & Wachovia Bank as Custodian, the fund has a 1% management fee, 10% performance fee, quarterly redemptions, an initial lock-up period of 6 months and a minimum investment of $1,000,000. Shares are offered for subscription to eligible non-U.S. persons.

Managed by a board of directors responsible for the overall supervision and control, the fund has engaged OakRun Capital to perform management and administrative functions.

"We do not believe that simply managing for relative performance is satisfactory to our clients or ourselves." says Scott Rhodenizer, Founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer, "While we work to outperform the markets, we strive to do so without excessive risk.”

The fund will seek to achieve its objective through a process known as factoring. In markets for debt instruments, higher relative yields generally indicate greater levels of credit risk than lower yielding instruments. However, OakRun believes that the trade receivables purchased by the fund present an opportunity to achieve higher yields with moderate risk.

Rhodenizer is former Managing Director at Deutsche Bank Securities with over 16 years of experience within the investment industry. He advised on over $2.5 billion in institutional assets at Deutsche Bank Securities in Miami, Florida and has experience in traditional and structured investments, such as fixed income securities, derivatives, global equities, and commodities.

At least 50% of the portfolio is insured by Euler American Credit Indemnity, an Allianz company and insurer of domestic and foreign accounts receivable covering US sales in excess of $150 billion annually. Euler is North America’s leading credit insurer, rated AA- by Standard & Poor’s. It is a subsidiary of Paris-based Euler incorporated in 1891 with current net assets in excess of $3.0 billion.

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