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3 Nov 2008

Hedge Fund Pentwater Suspends Redemptions

In a letter to investors, Hedge Fund manager Pentwater Capital announced that due to a number of unexpected redemption notices for year-end they have suspended redemptions and withdrawals, effective immediately.

"The entire hedge fund industry is bracing for large redemptions at year-end so as not to become forced sellers in the midst of a severe market crisis," says the Pentwater letter, "In turn, this has put additional pressure on hedge fund investors to find liquidity wherever they can, because they have to fund their own potential redemptions."

"If the Fund were to meet the year-end redemption requests we have received, the Fund would be forced to sell more of its investments into one of the worst markets since the great depression."

The fund has instead opted to create two new classes that have modified liquidity, fee and expense provisions as compared with the current classes. Investors will have the choice to transfer all or part of their investment into one or both of the new classes or remain in the existing classes.

"We will allow investors that wish to invest new capital to do so in one of these new classes and until further notice allow them to retain the benefit of their existing high water mark on any new investment. Further, investors that have already submitted a redemption notice will have a one-time option to rescind that notice, reduce the size of their redemption request, and/or choose to participate in one of our new classes."

Pentwater was not immediately available for comment.

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