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24 Nov 2008

International Regulators to Discuss Short Selling, Derivatives Regulation

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox announced a meeting of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) Technical Committee today, Monday, November 24 by teleconference to discuss urgent regulatory issues in the ongoing credit crisis.

"In addressing turbulent market conditions, it is essential not only that regulators act against securities law violations, including abusive short selling, but also that there be close coordination among international markets to avoid regulatory gaps and unintended consequences," said Chairman Cox. "This high-level coordination among international regulators will allow us to review the steps we have taken thus far and ensure that our ongoing and future actions are effective and mutually reinforcing."

The Technical Committee meeting will consider Short Selling and the effectiveness of recent regulatory responses in reducing manipulative short selling without stifling legitimate short selling activity, also explore possible coordination on rules relating to naked short sales, in particular with regard to position reporting and delivery and pre-borrowing requirements.

The teleconference also covers Under-Regulated or Unregulated Products. Development and disclosure principles to promote transparency in OTC markets for derivatives and other financial instruments which will contribute to enhanced investor protection and mitigating systemic risk.

The meeting also will focus on Credit Rating Agencies. Assessing members' progress in adopting rules based on IOSCO's revised Code of Conduct, and accelerating work on developing a common examination module.

Also covered are, International Accounting Standards, ensuring that the process of developing international accounting standards continues to take account of the interests of investors.

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