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15 Dec 2008

Salus Alpha Hedge Funds Not Exposed To Madoff Strategy

Vienna based hedge fund manager Salus Alpha Group Services GmbH said that any exposure to Madoff funds were systematically prevented by the proprietary investment approach of their funds at all times.

"I am not shocked that Madoff did blow up but I am shocked that so many obviously unqualified naive fund of hedge fund managers who are obviously doing no due diligence nor do they understand hedge fund strategies do manage so much amounts of money and wonder why this happened to them" said Oliver Prock, CIO of Salus Alpha.

"We never invested into US and UK hedge funds which work under the rules of 'don’t ask, don’t tell'," the hedge fund manager said, "We always scrutinized this model by one simple question to the biggest hedge fund manager?. A 'No' always meant that there are problems behind such as in the Madoff situation."

The investment approach of Salus Alpha consists of state of the art due diligence and executing investments as managed accounts only, which the fund manager says has prevented and will prevent the company at from investing into Illusion Alpha.

"We did not get any inquiry form existing investors since they know that all funds Salus Alpha manages are fully regulated under UCITS III and do invest in liquid alpha strategies through managed accounts only and are therefore protected at all times," Salus Alpha concluded.

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