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26 Jan 2009

Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence - Book Review

Informative book by Jason Scharfman on, well, pretty much everything you need to run a hedge fund, from risk management to disaster recovery, all need-to-know material for both investors and hedge fund analysts.

Included are examples of past hedge fund management mistakes, showing exactly where the managers went wrong, and how to avoid downfalls such as the ‘but everyone is doing it’ excuse, among others.

Technical though understandable, Scharfman also expains the reliance on technology that is becoming ever more apparent in hedge funds, the dangers of phantomware, and questions that should be asked before commiting to any new technology.

I liked this book for the simple reason that it explains just about everything, almost like a handbook, the index makes an excellent resource.

Since writing the book he has left his position at Morgan Stanley and now runs an operational due diligence consulting firm called Corgentum Consulting. Corgentum works with hedge funds and investors to diagnose and mitigate operational risk at hedge funds and improve upon the of the operational due diligence process.

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