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22 Jan 2009

Novices Given $1 Million to Start a Hedge Fund on TV

Avanta is making its UK television debut with Million Dollar Traders on BBC2. Aired for 3 weeks in January, the series will play out at Avanta's Austin Friars business centre in London.

The program gives eight ordinary people a million dollars and two weeks of intensive training to help prepare them to launch their own hedge fund and try to make their fortune in the stocks and shares market.

The traders set up camp in one of the buildings grade A office suites, buying and selling in the stock market in an attempt to make their millions.

Avanta was formed in 2004 by David Alberto, previously with Regus and former Managing Director at MWB Business Exchange. The company offers unbranded office space with advanced and competitively priced technology. In the UK it currently manages over 670,000 sq ft of office space in prime locations in London, the Thames Valley, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Avanta’s first international business centre in New Delhi, India opened in September 2008 and a further two centres are now open in Mumbai.

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