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20 Jan 2009

Third Party Administrators to Improve Hedge Fund Transparency

In an example of how hedge funds and CTAs are turning to third-party administrators with an eye on offering their investors improved transparency, hedge fund and FoHF provider Spectrum Global Fund Administration has teamed up with with AlphaMetrix LLC, a managed futures investment platform.

AlphaMetrix says it chose Spectrum for their "ability to easily provide estimated daily NAVs and to facilitate semi-monthly liquidity, critical differentiators at a time of heightened investor sensitivity regarding alternative investments." The platform will provide investors with access, research and real-time performance reporting to managed futures funds and commodity trading advisors (CTAs).

“The AlphaMetrix value proposition is built on what we call ‘TLC,’ which stands for transparency, liquidity and custody,” said Aleks Kins, founder and CEO of AlphaMetrix. “In partnering with Spectrum, we have selected the only fund administrator that can produce the estimated daily NAV reporting our clients demand, and handle the increased complexity associated with more frequent liquidity.”

Currently, client assets allocated over the AlphaMetrix Platform total approximately $1.7 billion, which includes both direct investments and managed account tracking.

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