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9 Feb 2009

Hedge Fund Veteran Acts to Improve Fund Transparency

Mike Griffin of Spectrum Global Fund Administration has launched the a hedge fund website that he believes will improve hedge fund transparancy,

“As a former hedge fund executive, I know first-hand how important transparency is during the capital allocation process,” said Michael Griffin, founder and CEO of HedgeACT and Chief Operating Officer of Fenchurch Capital Management from 1985 to 1998. “This is a difficult time for many hedge fund investors, and we think that giving them better information will make the entire analysis and allocation process much better for everyone involved.”

The “ACT” in refers to the site’s three key benefits for the hedge fund community, including Analytics, Capital Introduction and Transparency.

Providing investors with free access to hundreds of data points and analytics for over 7,500 hedge funds, HedgeAct's data is licensed from Morningstar.

Additionally, hedge funds and hedge fund administrators will have the ability to augment this data with their own timely, vetted information on fund performance, track record and other important investor criteria.

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