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11 Feb 2009

Obama's Stimulus Package Approved by Senate

President Barack Obama's $838 billion stimulus plan was approved by the U.S. Senate as part of a plan of action the Senate hopes will revive the collapsing US economy.

$100 billion is to be alotted to hedge funds or other investors, giving them incentive to purchase so-called toxic assets. President Obama welcomed the 61-37 vote as "good news. It's a good start."

Outlining a few details of how the administration would spend the remaining $350 billion of the $700 billion bank bailout program, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner separately announced a new public-private partnership to help strengthen banks.

"Critical parts of our financial system are damaged," Geithner said. "The financial system is working against recovery and that's the dangerous dynamic we need to change."

In a related government commitment of financial support, the Federal Reserve broadened a program designed to boost resources for consumer credit and small business loans - from $200 billion up to $1 trillion. Additionally, Obama has campaigned to include funds for school construction in the bill.

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