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2 Feb 2009

Tuckerbrook to Provide Daily Transparency to Hedge Fund Clients

In the wake of the Madoff scandal, Tuckerbrook Alternative Investments is offering its hedge fund investors the daily market value of assets in their capital accounts.

"In light of the impact 2008 is having on the hedge fund business, transparency is the most important enhancement the industry can embrace," John Hassett, Managing Principal of Tuckerbrook, said, "Tuckerbrook has always used third-party prime brokers, administrators and auditors in order to provide independent verification of fund activity, so it made sense to us to have daily asset transparency reports distributed directly from Citi Hedge Fund Services, to underscore the importance of both independent asset pricing and more frequent transparency. Although unique in the industry now, we would expect this level of reporting to become standard practice in the future."

Moses Grader, Chief Operating Officer of Tuckerbrook, said, "Ninety percent or more of all hedge fund investments are in commingled fund structures, with only the largest investors having daily accountability through separately managed accounts. Daily transparency at the client-account level, delivered by a trusted third party, is a major step up in accountability to those investors that don't have an SMA."

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