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25 Mar 2009

AIMA Supports New US Treasury Investment Program

Todd Groome, Chairman of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) said in a statement regarding the Public-Private Investment Program announced by Tim Geithner, "It shows that there is recognition among policy makers at the highest level that the hedge fund industry is part of the solution."

The Treasury's Public−Private Investment Program aims to unclog credit markets and promote credit extensions, according to the Northern Trust Economic Research Department. The program has chalked out two initiatives – Legacy Loans Program and Legacy Securities Program. The Legacy Loans Program combines FDIC guarantee with debt financing from the private sector and Treasury to purchase troubled loans from financial institutions.

"Hedge funds can and should play a crucial role in assisting the recovery by providing counter-cyclical risk capital at times of distress like this," Groome said.

"AIMA, as the global trade body for the world’s hedge fund industry, is committed to working with policy makers internationally to help solve the current market crisis and prevent future crises from taking place," he concluded.

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