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8 Apr 2009

Bank of NY Unit Expands Hedge Fund Consulting Services

Pershing LLC has expanded their business consulting services by including a hedge fund start-up simulator tool and a new guidebook to assist hedge fund managers with the launch of new funds. Pershing is a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation BK.

Pershing Prime Services' Hedge Fund Start-Up Simulator was developed in collaboration with Moss Adams LLP. It provides hedge fund managers with detailed information about the infrastructure and financial workings of a hedge fund, especially during its first 18 months of operation, including the launch.

Pershing Prime Services' new guidebook entitled, A Guide to Establishing a Hedge Fund, was created in conjunction with The Bank of New York Mellon and offers an introduction to a number of critical criteria, as well as a framework for making informed business decisions.

Pershing and The Bank of New York Mellon leveraged a wide network of industry specialists to develop the guidebook, including Moss Adams, Eze Castle Integration, Inc., Stark & Stark Attorneys At Law and Sasserath & Zoraian LLP, as well as its in-house experts.

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