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4 May 2009

MTM Looking To Offshore Hedge Fund Partner For US Real Estate Deal

US hedge fund manager MTM Global Financial Services is looking for an offshore hedge fund partner. In order to raise approximately $50 million in capital for a REIT fund focused on newer US residential real estate in state income tax free Florida, Texas, Nevada and Washington.

The fund manager says, "By creating a joint venture with an offshore mutual fund, hedge fund, or high net worth individual, MTM Global Financial Services will provide the acquisition services, along with the day to day operation of the real estate rental portfolios."

"This is a straight up deal, with huge upside, that will offer transparency and integrity for the investors." the President of MTM Global Financial Services said, "we seek a joint venture partner, that is results driven, that values their reputation, and knows a good thing when they see one. We think this could become a lucrative long term enterprise for all involved."

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