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10 Jun 2009

Ex Hedge Fund Trader Vs. Ex Wife, High Powered Hide and Seek

In a bizarre hedge fund story sent to me by a reader, an ex JP Morgan Director and ex trader for hedge funds Tudor and Brevan Howard has been traced by his ex wife's investigators to Singapore where he allegedly has done work for JP Morgan.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Simon Sywak, who now lives in a Sydney suburb, was caught on video working in Singapore for the investment bank. Sywak had gotten out of paying maintenance for his children in Britain by saying he was a trainee bus driver and so poor he was forced to live with his mother-in-law.

Sywak's ex wife, Helen Sywak, has started bankruptcy proceedings in Australia for $250,000 of court costs he failed to pay.

"If he doesn't pay this amount in the next few weeks, it will bankrupt him and he will have to drop his case suing Westpac Bank for $1.3 million and upwards." Helen said in a letter to the Editor.

Sywak is suing derivatives trader Westpac in Sydney in the Federal Court, arguing that it still owes him a $1.3 million sign-on bonus that it had promised him, however he never started work with the bank because he failed its probity checks, according to the Herald.

His side of the story has yet to surface.

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