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1 Jun 2009

StarInvest Acquires Hedge Fund Provider EXX

Stock transfer agency, StarInvest Group, Inc (STIV) has completed the acquisition of a privately held hedge fund provider EXX.COM.

“This acquisition will unleash the value of STIV management, and relationships in our effort to grow revenues and increase the value of our company for its shareholders. In line with our recent acquisition of My Transfer Agent, LLC (‘MTA’), EXX will offer a recurring revenue model by servicing brokerage firms, hedge funds, trading firms, or individuals on a single platform that interlinks all current trading systems and clearing houses thus yeilding the best execution services for all of its clients.”

EXX is a specialized in providing connectivity and software solutions to small and medium sized stock brokerage, arbitrage, investment banking firms, and hedge funds in major American markets. The company's main business is customizing proprietary platforms so from one program STP is enabled across all the financial networks.


'tis said...

Outstanding acquisition. Compliments the already existing . STIV also holds a position in Crownbutte Wind Power - a wind energy company with outstanding locations, based in North Dakota.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone is paying attention to this company and the tear it is on making acquisitions. Do you have an update coming for this blog?

Alex said...

I have not heard from them in awhile, I'll take a look.