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14 Jul 2009

Former Morgan Stanley Traders Launch Commodity Trading Advisor

Cinneas Foreign Exchange LLC, an alternative investment management firm specializing in momentum based trading in the foreign exchange market, have announced the launch of a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA).

The Cinneas investment process combines technical, fundamental and intraday market flow analysis with the careful application of leverage for the purpose of delivering non-correlated returns, preserving capital and mitigating risk. Cinneas offers a low barrier to entry with a minimum investment of $5,000 with no lock-up period.

Cinneas was founded by Morgan Stanley veterans Michael Myrtetus and Douglas Borthwick. Myrtetus and Borthwick met in 1996 when Douglas joined Morgan Stanley's foreign exchange trading team. At that time Morgan Stanley's FX business had revenues approximating $200 million. Over the 9 years they worked together, the business grew to approximately $1 billion.

"We believe that an actively managed, globally diverse portfolio can adapt and grow with the changing markets," said Douglas Borthwick, Managing Partner. "Our approach draws upon global economic, fundamental, and technical analysis to identify momentum trading opportunities, with the ultimate goal of producing non-correlated risk-adjusted returns."

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