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13 Aug 2009

AIMA Launches Directive Centre Media Resoure

The Alternative Investment Management Association, (AIMA) has launched a Directive Centre on their website as part of an on-going campaign to have the European Commission's draft directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers revised.

It is intended as a resource for journalists and members of the public and contains everything relevant for our campaign, including press releases, guidance notes, FAQs and other resource materials issued by AIMA; speeches and articles on the directive and links to relevant documents, including the European Commission’s directive and details of its legislative process; and a quotations section featuring a host of different figures expressing their concern about the directive.

Those quoted expressing concern or reported as doing so include pension funds and pension fund industry groups, European institutional investors, global banks, international law firms, commercial real estate groups, private equity, Swedish and UK ministers, Irish officials, the chair of the European Parliament’s ECON committee, the US Treasury, the UK Conservative party, the Mayor of London, the German Funds association, the Financial Times and the Economist, and even Robert Peston, Jacques de Larosière and Charles McCreevy.

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