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5 Oct 2009

Fueling Growth: Outsourcing Solutions for Hedge Funds

HedgeCo Archive - A new whitepaper published by Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, and Aite Group LLC examines critical hedge fund operations, entitled, Fueling Growth: Outsourcing Solutions for Hedge Funds, reports that an increase in client redemption requests is threatening the viability of even the most well-managed hedge funds.

Key findings from the whitepaper include:

* Choosing the Proper Outsourcing Model

* Smaller Hedge Funds Challenged by Resource Restrictions

* The Role of the Prime Broker

* Consider Disaster and Recovery Planning in Vendor Selection

"It is important for hedge funds to develop a thoughtful, long-term outsourcing strategy to ensure that its needs for support during various stages of the fund's lifecycle are closely aligned with its goals and objectives to serve investors well." Craig Messinger, managing director of Pershing Prime Services, said, "Employing this type of approach will enable hedge fund managers to focus on generating profitable returns for their clients and help them grow their businesses in a more productive manner."

To help hedge fund managers better understand business continuity and disaster recovery planning processes and principles, Pershing Prime Services, in collaboration with Eze Castle Integration and its colleagues across BNY Mellon, has developed a guidebook entitled, Establishing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans: A Hedge Fund Manager's Guide.

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