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30 Oct 2009

Swiss Hedge Fund Discloses Portfolio Holdings

HedgeCo News Archives - ALTIN AG, the Swiss alternative investment company listed on the London and Swiss stock exchanges, is today pursuing its policy of greater transparency to investors initiated in March by disclosing its entire portfolio holdings.

The portfolio, featuring over 30 underlying funds representing 10 different strategies, is particularly well diversified and boasts a positive performance of +11.16 %1 to date in 2009.

Only approximately 16% of funds held by ALTIN have restricted redemptions of one form or another, down 4% from 20% in the last quarter. This relatively low proportion does not affect ALTIN as, being a fixed-capital investment company, it is not faced with redemption requests.

The portfolio’s great liquidity allows the investment manager to conduct a dynamic management strategy and benefit from the current investment opportunities. During the third quarter of this year, the manager has therefore continued the investment programme initiated earlier this year. Since June, weightings in “Long/Short Equity”, “Multi-Strategy” and “Credit” strategies have been increased, through a reduction of cash, “Event Driven” and “Other Equity and Derivatives” strategies.

ALTIN AG was launched in December 1996 and has been listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange since its inception, as well as on the London Stock Exchange since 2001. ALTIN is a multi-strategy fund of hedge funds investing in more than 30 hedge funds representing various investment styles. The Company holds one of the world’s longest track records as an exchange-listed fund of hedge funds. Its objective is to generate an absolute annual return in US dollars terms with lower volatility than equity markets.

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