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1 Feb 2010

My Golden Globe

My first gold purchase, 18k, 12g. I saw it while shopping for my nieces at Christmas and it got stuck in my mind.

I told the jeweller's wife I would plug the boutique, so here it is: B&S Gold and Antique, Linnégatan 3, Goteborg, Sweden. (website coming) +46(0)311 259 97

The custom made pieces from Russia are awesome, (I was only allowed to see them because of this plug) and the antique collection is marvellous. The prices range from affordable to exorbitant and the collectors (husband and wife) have a classic taste which is never out of style.

Their collection includes pieces with: hidden latches, clasps and secret repositories, quite like some quasi-modern Steampunk pieces I have seen recently.

My little Earth is meticulously cast in gold, with all coastlines intact and the name of each continent etched in place.

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