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3 Mar 2010

Hedge Fund Regulation Certification Launch

The Ireland-based Hedge Fund College has announced the launch of its Certificate in Hedge Fund Regulation, the first regulatory certification in the hedge fund industry.

“Never has it been more important for the hedge fund industry to demonstrate a greater regulatory awareness." Thomas Bullman, founder of the Hedge Fund College, said, "Both European and US regulatory proposals will have far-reaching effects. Everybody within the hedge fund industry has an obligation to ensure that they are sufficiently educated on how these new measures will impact them. The Hedge Fund College aims to provide a broad certification that a candidate has demonstrated an understanding of hedge fund regulation and current issues.”

The Certificate in Hedge Fund Regulation provides a broad-based curriculum in hedge fund regulation, delivered online by distance learning.

Sponsored by The Hedge Fund Society and its international advisory board of academics and commercial practitioners, the course provides an introduction to hedge funds, their history and the regulatory issues surrounding them. The course also provides a review of regulatory theory and analysis of the regulation of hedge funds, hedge fund managers, hedge fund service providers and hedge fund standards in the UK, EU and US.

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