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28 Apr 2010

Assets Seized After Suicide Attempt – The Denver Post reports that authorities have seized the assets of local hedge fund manager Sean Mueller. The State is accusing him of running a Ponzi scheme involving approximately $122 million.

An investment statement released by investigators showed only $15 million in his account, after the hedge fund had claimed assets of $122 million.

Mueller Capital’s Over-Under Fund raised more than $20 million from three investors and that at least 30 more also may have made “substantial investments”, the Denver Post reported.

“I’m very sorry for the damage I have done.” Mueller said in a handwritten note, according to the Post.” I always thought I could make it back. Nobody else had any involvement except me.”

After threatening to kill himself, it is reported that Mueller was found by police last Thursday considering a jump from about 19 stories. Mueller had also apologized to his clients for financial losses by Email.

The hedge fund manager was taken to a hospital by the Greenwood Village police.

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