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24 May 2010

2 Year Sentence In Hedge Fund Fraud Case

HedgeCo News - Wall Street Journal reports that Mark Kurland, former partner at hedge fund New Castle Funds LLC was sentenced to over two years in prison. Kurland pled guilty to insider trading in January with connections to the Galleon/Rajaratnam case.

The insider trading case involves the employees of some of America’s best-known companies, including International Business Machines Corp, McKinsey & Co and Intel Capital, an arm of Intel Corp, and Danielle Chiesi, an executive at New Castle Funds LLC was also indicted on multiple counts of conspiracy and securities fraud.

At a hearing Friday, Judge Victor Marrero said, "He had a choice. As a leader of the financial industry, he could have led by law-abiding example. Instead, he chose to follow," the judge also said, according to WSJ, that Kurland surrendered "to a spree of the financial market's virtual mob mentality that nearly brought down this country's financial industry in the quest for ever bigger and faster gains."

The judge als ordered a forfeit of $900,000 in proceeds from the alleged scheme the Journal reported.

Kurland reports to prison on July 23.

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