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18 May 2011

AlfaKraft's CTA Fund Up 9,89% In April

Stockholm ( - Swedish hedge fund manager AlfaKraft, which specialises in quantitative hedge funds investing in energy and commodities, posted strong results in April. One of their hedge funds, the ALFA Commodity Fund, is up 9,89% for the month.

AlfaKraft manages two hedge funds, the ALFA Commodity Fund and the ALFA Energy Fund, up 2,0% in April. The ALFA Commodity Fund is up 12,47% YTD 2011 and the ALFA Energy Fund is up 9.56% YTD.

"The strong result for ALFA Commodity Fund last month is due to the upward trends in metals, especially in silver." Managers Thomas Stridsman and Bengt Lindblad said in their April report, "While most of our competitors in CTA's had a difficult time, AlfaKraft posted positive results for both hedge funds, which have also outperformed the Newedge CTA Trend Sub-Index ("

AlfaKraft was founded in 1998 and invests in energy and raw materials, as well as different types of futures and mutual funds, commodities, currencies, interest rates and stock indices. Under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority since 1999, the hedge fund manager offers institutions and private individuals an opportunity to add alternative investments to their portfolio.

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