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9 May 2011

New Catella Hedge Funds Show 100% Positive Months Since Launch

Stockholm ( Nordic hedge fund manager Catella Capital recently launched two hedge funds, the Nordic Fixed Income Opportunity fund and the Nordic Long Short Equity fund. The funds were timed to launch at the start of 2011.

"The Nordic market offers attractive fundamentals and the investable universe is well diversified over sectors and in terms of regional exposure. Nordic companies represent investor-friendly equities and are traded on secure and mature venues under transparent and well-regulated markets."

Catella's Nordic Fixed Income Opportunity Fund has already raised 220 million SEK primarily from foundations, private banking, wealth management and smaller institutions. It stands at +2.8%

Catella's Nordic Long Short Equity Fund raised 80 million SEK since launch. It's long holdings include Golar, Trelleborg, Statoil and the short holdings include Northland Resources, Sca, and Talvivaara.

Catella manages nearly €1.7 billion (15.21 billion SEK) distributed over 19 funds in more than 150 managed accounts. All together, Catella has brought to the market four new Nordic UCITS III hedge funds,two Newcits, one long only and one mixed fund.

The new funds are authorized to be marketed and sold in Sweden to private investors and already have 15 distributors. The investable universe primarily consists of equities listed on the Nordic exchanges. Catella Capital is owned by Catella AB.

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