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3 Oct 2007

An American Hedge Fund Review

Well, I just received the final copy today, I actually read this book a couple of months ago when Timothy Sykes sent me an advance copy, my then review making it into the book under "What the people say-Financial Journalists"!

I like the way the book was self published under the "Bull Ship Press" name, I guess Sykes has always been a bit of a madcap entrepreneur. There is a lot of insight and honesty in "An American Hedge Fund", and Sykes has an exciting way of explaining his strategy.

This bit is pretty relevant, "Opportunities come and go. The key is to remain nimble enough to be able to take advantage of situations when they arise."

Besides being the book's official release date, Sykes also announced the closing of the Cilantro fund on October 1st, a day he said, "Will free him from the shackles of SEC regulations he will be able to detail Cilantro's complete trading history- winners and losers."

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