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3 Oct 2007

Rubinstein & Rubinstein Launch Alternative Offshore Fund

Rubinstein & Rubinstein, LLP has launched an offshore alternative investment fund practice which has seen a great deal activity in the past few months.

Taking advantage of a tax treaty between the United States and a foreign government, Rubinstein & Rubinstein established the fund in an offshore jurisdiction, reducing taxation to 1 to 2%. In addition, private placement and foreign registration allowed the fund exemption from S.E.C. and blue sky registration.

One of the fund's highlights being that Asher Rubinstein represented a principal in establishing an international co-investment fund based in New York, London and Dubai. The fund will make investments in private equity buyouts, real estate, aerospace and other sectors. It has also been capitalized by various onshore and offshore investment sources, including "sovereign wealth," i.e., investment by a foreign government.

In addition, Kenneth Rubinstein and Asher Rubinstein represented United States-based principals and foreign- based managers of an investment fund dedicated to investments in the insurance settlement industry.

Kenneth Rubinstein has also developed a proprietary tax strategy to allow tax-free access to offshore deferred compensation assets by hedge fund and private equity fund managers.

The strategy is particularly timely, given the recent calls by members of the United States Congress to increase taxes on the "carried interest" portion of fund managers' compensation. Rubinstein & Rubinstein's tax patent application for this strategy is currently pending before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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