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1 Dec 2008

Green Hedge Fund Directory Launched By EHFC

The Energy Hedge Fund Center (EHFC) announced that it has added a 'green' hedge fund directory to its product inventory. EHFC's Directory of Energy Hedge Funds was launched four years ago, but with the interest in 'green' hedge funds, the company has created a new green directory for investors. The directory includes carbon, renewable, cleantech, forestry, water and weather derivative funds.

"We decided that now was the time for a standalone green directory and will be offering it for prepublication in January 2009," said Peter Fusaro, co-principal of the EHFC. "The market is now large enough and growing to warrant this service with over 100 green hedge funds."

"EHFC has received innumerable requests for such a product this last 12-months or so as investor appetite for environmental and alternative energy has increased," reports Dr. Gary M. Vasey, Co-Principal, EHFC. "As a result we have complied with that demand and have now added a new directory that focuses on just the 'green' hedge funds."

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