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1 Dec 2008

Job Search Digest Research Reveals Hedge Fund Employees Knew About Market Shift Ahead of Time

A survey conducted by Job Search Digest, publishers of Hedge Fund Jobs Digest, revealed a shift in the hedge fund industry. Given the current state of the market, the results tell an interesting story and show that key players in hedge fund careers knew trouble was on the horizon earlier this year.

Some findings of interest are that despite no significant increase in compensation, there was a substantial increase in satisfaction with hedge fund compensation. This indicates that well before Wall Street's meltdown, hedge fund employees knew the market had shifted. This year's report reveals that 42% of hedge fund employees are happy with their current level of compensation – up from a mere 25% last year.

The survey also found that pay is not correlating with fund performance. When the fund performs well, employees are paid well – most of the time. The hedge funds reporting this year performed well with the majority reporting more than 10% return (and many reporting over 25% return). firms reporting flat performance (that is, zero return) had the highest average pay.

Although the hedge fund industry is often referred to as a meritocracy, many respondents to the survey indicated their bonus is disconnected from their individual performance and, instead, based on overall firm performance.

Job Searcg Digest also found that people are attracted to hedge fund careers because of a huge potential upside. Last year, dissatisfaction with compensation was primarily driven by the desire for greater upside. Now, with all the nervousness in the market, many hedge fund employees feel lucky simply to still be working in the industry.

The full report comes out at Job Search Digest on December 3rd.

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