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2 Mar 2009

Hedge Fund Calculator Team Expansion

HedgeCo Networks announced the creation of a new Hedge Fund Calculator Professional Services team. The team consists of experienced graphic designers, hedge fund marketers and consultants, CAIAs and CFAs.

The HedgeCo Hedge Fund Calculator has been in use by HedgeCo.Net for over 7 years, creating tens of thousands of hedge fund performance reports. In the first ninety days after its inception, the HedgeCo Hedge Fund Calculator gained widespread recognition and attracted hundreds of hedge funds who generated thousands of analytical reports.

"The addition of our Professional Services team will make our offering incredibly compelling, especially for managers aiming to save time, cut costs and produce high quality performance reports for their investors and prospective investors," stated Aaron Wormus, Managing Director of HedgeCo Networks. "The combination of ground-breaking technology and relevant expertise enables us to create reports with a lead time of as little as 24 hours. Managers no longer need to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on complicated software. We consult with each client individually to produce personalized reports at a fraction of the price of other solutions in the marketplace."

HedgeCo Networks LLC manages HedgeCo.Net along with a portfolio of nine other websites devoted to alternative investments. With over 25,000 active members, HedgeCo.Net offers a vast array of hedge fund services, including website design, consultation, and third-party marketing and seeding. The Company has consulted or helped to launch over 500 new hedge funds, both onshore and offshore. HedgeCo Networks was founded in 2001 by Evan Rapoport and Andrew Schneider.