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9 Mar 2009

Hedge Fund Manager To Take Investors On Central Asia Investment Tour

Ansher Fund Management is planning an on-site tour of emerging investment opportunities in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, two representative markets across the Central Asian region.

Beginning in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan and then to Almaty, the financial center of Kazakhstan, Ansher's investment team will deliver detailed presentations on the region's investment opportunities. The tour begins in Zurich on March 31st.

"During the visit, you will have a unique opportunity to gain a direct insight into political and business environment, as well as into potential lucrative investment opportunities of the Region." Ravshan Yunusov, Managing Director said, "You will have a chance to meet with the representatives to understand the legal and regulatory framework for the protection of foreign investments in these countries."

Ansher says they will assist with booking/flight/tickets/visas, see; for more details.

"We strongly believe that as a result of this trip, you will be pleasantly surprised with the investment potential of the Region, and explore the new frontier markets that offer opportunities for both diversification and growth of your portfolio." Yunusov said, "Central Asia and the Caucasus is still expected to remain as the fastest growing Region of the world according to IMF. Accordingly, our funds have performed strongly in 2008 (+14.2%), and we still anticipate significant growth opportunities in the Region for 2009."

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