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1 Dec 2009

HedgeCo Hedge Fund Capital Introduction Event

Hedge funds are well positioned for a good year in 2010 and are likely to continue their momentum into the end of the year, which will lead to additional gains for investors during the month of December, Hennessee research shows. Because of this optimistic forecast, hedge fund managers are ramping up their fund raising efforts.

In an effort to match up investors with hedge funds looking for new allocations, HedgeCo held the Fall 2009 Capital Introduction Round Tables. The event attracted 65 investors and 6 hedge fund managers. The investors were separated into 6 groups, while the hedge fund managers rotated at 20 minute intervals, enabling the investors to address each manager individually.

"Unlike other capital introduction events where the ratio of managers to investors is small, we take pride that our events have a substantial qualified investor turnout." Evan Rapoport, Co-Founder of HedgeCo Networks, said, "As a result of our conferences, investors have reported notable asset increases."

"I've been to a lot of capital introduction events and as a veteran Hedge Fund manager I can say that this has been the best event so far." Kurt Hovan, manager of Hovan Capital Management, said of the event, "The HedgeCo team did a terrific job in putting together a group of high quality investors, and giving the managers a format which enabled direct interaction with every investor. I look forward to attending future events."

The next event will be held mid-to-late January in NYC, it will also be a Round Table format and HedgeCo is currently accepting applications for new managers to present their funds to members of the alternative investment community.

“We hope to continue having these events and keeping the hedge fund community well networked.” Andrew Schneider, co-founder of HedgeCo Networks, said, “Networking is especially important as the economy continues to change, knowing what is going on in the hedge fund community and having connections in the industry is all-important.”

Recognized as having the largest attendance for any type of event in the hedge fund industry, the HedgeCo Networking Events have quickly become the top destination for generating new business and meeting new industry contacts.

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