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2 Dec 2009

Old Lane Founders Launch $300 Million Equities Hedge Fund

HedgeCo News Archives - In one of the years biggest US hedge fund launches, the Wall Street Journal reports that four of the founders of the now defunct Citigroup hedge fund, Old Lane, have a new start up hedge fund, Meru Capital Group.

The hedge fund has some $300 million in capital, the Wall Street Journal reports. Meru started trading on December 1st with a large chunk of the partner's own funds, up to $75 million, according to some reports.

The New York based hedge fund invests in derivatives, equities, fixed-income, and currencies. It plans to move in and out of positions quickly, with no single investment accounting for more than 5% of the fund’s assets, the Wall Street Journal reported this morning.


Jon Brause said...

Is this the beginning of the trend of talent leaving govt supported banks to be free to trade (and earn 20% incentive)?

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?